Creating a safe, dynamic culture


Safety is paramount in our construction projects at Raocon Ltd. Before anyone sets foot on our construction sites, we ensure that all aspects of health and safety are meticulously considered.

Primer focus

Health & Safety together

In the construction industry, health and safety are of utmost importance due to the potential hazards involved. Statistics indicate that 3% of construction workers in the UK experience work-related injuries, while approximately 4% suffer from work-related illnesses. These incidents not only result in significant loss of working hours but also contribute to worker dissatisfaction.

Legislation Compliance

We ensure strict adherence to all relevant health and safety laws and regulations, including the Health and Safety at Work Act. Regular training sessions are conducted to educate our employees on their rights and responsibilities, and we provide the necessary resources and personal protective equipment to support compliance efforts.

Risk Assessment and Management

Proactively identifying and mitigating risks is fundamental to our operations. We conduct thorough risk assessments to pinpoint potential hazards in workplace environments and implement effective control measures to minimise these risks. Additionally, we promptly report and thoroughly investigate all incidents, accidents, and near misses to prevent future occurrences and continuously improve our safety protocols.

Employee Engagement

We foster a culture of safety where every employee feels empowered to contribute to our health and safety initiatives. Open communication channels are established to encourage employees to voice their concerns and provide feedback. Furthermore, we facilitate employee involvement in safety committees or initiatives, providing opportunities for continuous learning and development to empower our workforce to actively participate in maintaining a safe work environment.