About Us


The trajectory of RAOCON Group’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable, transforming it into a formidable multi-million pound entity. With a significant expansion in team size and revenue, the company has experienced exponential growth. As we venture into 2024, RAOCON stands at the brink of sustained success, unwavering in its dedication to simplicity, corporate excellence, and innovative strategies spanning diverse sectors.



RAOCON, established in 2018, embarked on its journey in the construction and residential project space, generating revenue within its first year of operation.



RAOCON in 2019 expanded its expertise to Construction, Residential, Commercial.


Brand Extension

RAOCON continued its growth trajectory, solidifying its presence in Construction, Residential, and Commercial sectors, with a remarkable increase in revenue.



RAOCON diversified its offerings, adding Architecture to its repertoire of Construction,
Residential, and Commercial services, while doubling its revenue.



RAOCON further flourish, expanding its scope to encompass Interior Design alongside its established Construction, Residential, Commercial, and Architecture expertise. This diversification, coupled with the launch of two new sub companies, PEQE and NUE Interiors, propelled Raocon’s growth.


Multi-Faceted Company​

RAOCON continued its upward trajectory in 2023, solidifying its position as a multi-faceted firm offering Construction, Residential, Commercial, Architecture, Interior Design, and now even venturing into the hospitability & leisure sector. This comprehensive approach, along with consistent diversification, fuelled their expansion globally.