About Raocon.

We Do Great Design For Creative Folks.

Established in 2018, Raocon Ltd Operates in construction and property development in the UK. We are driven by our company values and strive for social and economical progress through our duties of planning, budgeting finances and being part of the upgradation of quality and vigour of social living.

We offer a bespoke renovation, build service and property development, so whether you are at the idea’s stage or already have plans in mind, we can help you every step of the way, from full design, site survey, planning, to architectural and building services.

We offer building services and property development to bridge the gap between our customer’s imaginative space and it’s manifestation through our construction. We walk through this bridge with you to ensure that every step is at its perfection; from the site survey to building services.


To strengthen our society by strengthening its foundation of shelter and living through budget planning and building. To add the touch of perfection to your dreams and develop a highly functioning society through successful constructions.


To lend an energy efficient space of affordable house buildings with superior customer services along with cutting-edge technology and quality standards of workmanship. To build a society higher than its existence through the touch of constructive art

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Our Team

We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff of 16 members who specialize in Project Administration, Engineers, Electricians, Plumbers and Project Management.

Anita Eedipuganti

Founder & Director

Leo Kokoli

Construction Manager


Project Coordinator

Sahithi Nadella

Architect & Space Design